There’s also a PIN-based entry system, as well as polling and “raise a hand” features. All paid-for plans include transcriptions, file transfer, chat, “raise hand,” and polling features. Live customer support is available with all but the free version­—unlike RingCentral Video, which offers support across the board. The study tested whether women have higher self-presentation costs that make them experience more fatigue. The findings suggest a positive relationship between using a camera during virtual meetings and fatigue was stronger for women than men.

  • Zoom also doesn’t make you pay extra for whiteboard tools, screen sharing, audio and video recordings or the ability to integrate with Google Calendar.
  • This will open up the Participants panel on the right-hand side and to undo the ‘Raise hand’ action, click on the ‘Lower Hand’ button at the bottom of the screen.
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  • In a Zoom meeting all participants can share their screen and turn on their video and audio.

For more information on how to register to watch the meeting and submit public comment remotely. Pursuant to Government code section this Flood Control Board meeting will be conducted telephonically through Zoom. Ready to become a Zoom keyboard shortcut master on the Mac? Let’s check out a comprehensive list of available keyboard commands and keystrokes for the Zoom app for MacOS.

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However, you’ll still need to upgrade for recording capability and storage, dial-in access, and international call-ins. With an upgrade to RingCentral Video Pro+, you can host meetings with up to 200 participants. You can also store up to 100 hours of recorded conferences with RingCentral Video Pro+, and those recordings are available to download or share for a full year.

Zoom Pro

Most satellite packages have even lower data caps, so even a handful of Zoom calls can put you over your monthly limit. Audio-only calls and screen sharing on Zoom use the least amount of data. Sharing your screen only costs you between 22 to 67 MB per hour, while an audio calls runs around 30 MB per hour of data. Keep in mind—you may end up using more data if other participants have their video turned on in a Zoom call. For the average user, Zoom consumes nearly 900 MB of data in a one-hour video call. That can really add up if you make a lot of Zoom calls, but it’s not too bad if you’re only on Zoom once or twice a week.

To join a meeting in Zoom, a host must first create a meeting and share a URL link, ID, and password to the meeting with you. You can join a Zoom meeting on a desktop computer either via a URL link or via Zoom Client. If you don’t have the Zoom desktop app installed, the page will urge you to download the app. Depending on the meeting’s set-up, you may enter the meeting right away, you may need to wait for the host to arrive first or you may be placed into a waiting room that the host controls. The Zoom website will open in a new browser window and ask you to download the app.

Here’s how to enable Virtual Background during a meeting on Zoom video call. Follow this guide to change your profile picture in Zoom app on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. If you want to make your own Zoom backgrounds, I recommend this website which has ideally-sized templates and Action pre-designed Zoom background options. I have the paid version but the free version has tons of features as well.